Theory of Thought, a book about symbols and the mind

Theory of Thought presents a simplified way of understanding the mind, symbolism, attraction,
and physics.

I present to you an architecture for the interaction of symbols in a hyperdimensional space, called mindspace. It reveals a theory of everything that explains the principles of philosophy, religion, and physics as reflections from the properties of hidden patterns. Discover the basic structure of a symbol and its forces of attraction that pull on the minds of people.

Learn how it requires exactly 5 types of patterns to reveal the entire symbolic form of a mind.

Through the principles of symmetry and geometry, visualize an augmented, hyper-dimensional world.

Unearth Plato's ancient theory that unites the mind and body into a systematic illusion of materialism.

Thousands of diagrams are layered over hundreds of pages providing unparalleled depth and clarity.

Use a smartphone on over 30 pages to watch short Youtube videos that animate and explain the diagrams.

Visit the glossary to get a quick overview of the many concepts that formulate Thought Theory.

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