What Is Thought Theory?

Thought theory describes a single metaphysical framework that unites the physical world around us with the mental world within our brains.


Why Did I Build A Theory On Symbols And Why Is It Important?

Ultimately I’ve created this theory to solve problems. I believe that society has become awash in terrible situations because it lacks a systematic methodology for measuring the symbolic structures that permeate our collective ‘mindspace’.


What Is The Difference Between Brain And Mind?

A brain can die, while a mind cannot, and the function of the universe is to maintain a special mechanism of symbolic manifestation between brains and minds.

Circle Thought Meaning

What is Thought Exactly?

Thought (and thinking) comes from our ability to analyze the ‘abstract’ component of our ‘hyper-dimensional’ Universe. It’s a direct result of the fundamental make-up of space and time.

5 Relationship Patterns

Five Relationship Patterns Form Into A Mindspace

Each thought and thing, and the events between thoughts and things, can be explained by the relationship patterns. These patterns are the basic construct of the Universe, and we can use them to reveal everything about it.


Plato’s Theory of Forms Makes A Come Back!

Pythagorus, Socrates, and Plato, among other ancient greeks, provided the intellectual foundation for modern society, by getting at the root of what drives the minds of people. They hypothesized that the objects we perceive as physical entities are just shadows of the invisible World of Forms.

Union of Three Principles

The Conceptual Layering Of The Three Principles

In Thought Theory, the Three Principles are the basic philosophies of mindspace and the Universe.

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