What Is A Symbol?

Each mind manipulates symbolic structures that contain a value across a ‘mindspace’. Thought theory seeks to deconstruct the inner and outer workings of these abstract/invisible/intelligent sources of value, called symbols.


Why Did I Build A Theory On Symbols And Why Is It Important?

Ultimately I’ve created this theory to solve problems. I believe that society has become awash in terrible situations because it lacks a systematic methodology for measuring the symbolic structures that permeate our collective ‘mindspace’.


Is Washington D.C. a Center of Ancient Symbols?

Washington D.C.’s architecture appears often designed according to Masonic symbolism. It has countless monuments that can be traced back to the time of the new thinkers of the 17th century enlightenment era. Explore how thoughts manifest into objects and collections of objects.


The Universe Is a 12-Dimensional Hyperspace

A dimension is a fundamental property of matter and each bit of matter in the universe has a length, width, depth, and [footprint in] time. It turns out that matter also has other important properties which give rise its additional, ‘abstract’ dimensions.


Symbols Manifest Into Both Thought And Matter

Thinking people, working within organizations, manifest symbolic arrangements; and if the minds of the working people disappear from the organization, the material arrangements will in time fade away and disappear from it, including the people.


The Mind Manipulates Abstract Forms of Energy

The ‘abstract’ energy that a bottle of Coke contains is stored within its structures of information, such as its logo. These hyper-dimensional regions of spacetime can be said to force and displace bodies of people by impacting their minds.

Pythagorean Tetractys

Tetractys, Pascal’s Triangle, and Binomial Expansion

Pythagoras worshipped a particular shape called the Tetractys. He and his followers believed it to symbolize everything that is perfect about the Universe.

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