Relationships Connect Symbols Within The Mind

Within thought theory, thoughts represent the interrelated structures inside a region of space called mindspace. Mindspace is a metaphysical space that contains hyper-dimensional structures called symbols.

5 Relationship Patterns

Five Relationship Patterns Form Into A Mindspace

Each thought and thing, and the events between thoughts and things, can be explained by the relationship patterns. These patterns are the basic construct of the Universe, and we can use them to reveal everything about it.


What Is Complexity?

The activities of all living things are put into motion by complex relationships. From a mindspace perspective, the relationship patterns are the basic building blocks for a symbolic energy which fuels the progression of each mind.


Energy And The 5 Sun Patterns

The Sun was worshipped by ALL ancient religions and therefore, it is surely the most important symbol in the Universe. According to thought theory, the relationship patterns are as important as the Sun, find out why…

Mindspace Hierarchy

The Hierarchical Pattern of Mindspace

The structure of the Universe has to come from somewhere. Thought Theory explains that everything originates from the circle, and its three basic divisions.

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