What Is SpaceTime Within Thought Theory?

In the example above, the network pattern is used to visualize the concepts of space and time. Its purpose is to demonstrate how the two concepts differ in shape and meaning while visualizing a real hyper-dimensional structure within a spacetime architecture.


What’s the Big Difference Between Expansion and Growth?

It is a scientific fact that the Universe has been ‘expanding’ for the last 14 billion years. But does that mean it has been growing?

Dark Energy Expansion

Explaining Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Here’s a model that explains the configuration of dark matter and energy. The model uses the relationship patterns described in Theory of Thought.


Can Symbols Produce Time Dilation Within Mindspace?

What if time dilation does in fact pervade human society — however in some abstract form that is caused by a entirely different type of motion? Are structures of information ruled by the same principles of physics that guide time, space, and motion? Do highly networked organizations travel faster and further across space within a single period of time?

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