The Conceptual Layering Of The Three Principles

Union of Three Principles

In Thought Theory, the Three Principles are the basic philosophies of mindspace and the Universe.

These are the names of the principles:

  • Symmetry
  • Attraction
  • Negation

In the hyperdimensional structure they represent the three groups of dimensions:

  • Physical dimensions
  • Intelligence dimensions
  • Wave dimensions

In the architecture of the circle they represent its three subsections:

  • Inside
  • Perimeter (Border)
  • Outside

In physics they represent the three families of particles:

  • Hadrons
  • Bosons
  • Leptons

As functions of spacetime:

  • Time
  • 4 Forces of nature
  • Space

They represent the 2 perspectives of the circle and the mechanism that changes the perspective:

  • Circle [ the top view]
  • Rotation
  • Line [the side view]

In the economic model they represent its three phases:

  • Growth
  • Balance
  • Change

They are valued by these integers and irrational constants:

  • 1: Phi
  • 3: Pi
  • 2: e

As functions of Attraction they are:

  • Size [a state]
  • Order [a process]
  • Complexity [a state]

They are found in the 3 Principles of HP’s Next-Generation Computer called ‘The Machine’:

  • Ions store
  • Photos communicate
  • Electrons compute

They are also known as the 3 tools of Freemasonry:

  • Compass
  • Bible
  • Square

Btw, I call this illustrative process ‘conceptual layering’.

Conceptual Layering of the Circle