Theory of Thought reveals the hidden layer of reality that controls everybody and everything.

I present to you a unique framework describing the interaction of symbols in a hyperdimensional world, called mindspace. It's a theory that explains how all things and ideas are created and ruled by some basic patterns hidden beneath physical reality. Discover the simple, yet hyper-dimensional structure of a symbol and its forces of attraction that pull directly on the minds of people.

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Theory of Thought Paperback Edition

I have deep faith that the principle of the universe will be beautiful and simple.

- Albert Einstein

The difference between making a breakthrough and not can often be just an element of perception.

- Brian Greene

One day man will connect his apparatus to the very wheelwork of the universe.

- Nikola Tesla

What You'll Learn

Explore Reality
Using symmetry and geometry, visualize an augmented, dualistic Universe built upon symbolic structures designed to manipulate minds.
Visualize Thoughts
Learn how it requires exactly 5 types of patterns to reveal the entire structure of the Universe along with Thought itself.
See The Matrix
Plato's ancient Theory of Forms is reinvented to describe the role of mind and body within our holographic world.
1000+ Illustrations
Thousands of diagrams are layered over hundreds of pages to provide unparalleled clarity into this uncharted world.

Overview of Theory of Thought: Symbolism

This book references a wide assortment of concepts found in philosophy, sacred geometry, metaphysics, mathematics, and physics.

Chapter One


Chapter One introduces and explores different types of patterns of relationships found in mindspace.

Chapter Two


Chapter Two argues that each type of pattern has unique features used for assembling an entire hyper-dimensional Universe.

Chapter Three


Chapter Three describes a symbol as a mindspace structure made up of both thought and matter.

Chapter Four


Chapter Four relates mindspace to Plato’s Theory of Forms. It introduces a geometric process unifying the physical and the abstract.

Chapter Five


Chapter Five argues for an abstract form of gravity called attraction that is exerted between symbols in mindspace.

Chapter Six


Chapter Six unites the metaphysical world of symbols with the physical laws of nature, and lays the scientific groundwork for mind-matter holography.

Chapter Seven


Chapter Seven explains how mindspace is structured upon irrational numbers. Discover elegant shapes that only exist within the metaphysical world.



An in-depth glossary is included that covers all the terms used throughout for explaining a new world view.

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Fans of Thought Theory

Lidia Coffelt
Jeannot Chapdelaine

I read your book I found it very interesting. We are a Semantic Technology Company and we are based in the Montreal area.

Bakari Baptiste

Very nice Jason. This puts everything into place. I understood this all straight off the bat. I have always thought about the relationships of thoughts but this has helped me get a clearer image of it. Looking at the diagrams helps make it clearer to understand. I can imagine certain diagrams being merged together, which is happening in todays existence!

Lidia Coffelt
Lidia Coffelt
Dave Biddle

Hello, I came across your book at someones house, was very interested, read a bit, was even more interested, left their house with a photo of the book and the intention to go buy it the next day, NOW I CAN'T FIND IT!

Alan Macdonald

Why has this amazing book not been awarded a prize yet ? Its an astonishing resource.

Lidia Coffelt
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About the Author

Jason Shaw is a serial entrepreneur, strategist, marketer, coder, writer, and thinker. He once trained kung-fu in Shoalin and now travels the Earth as a nomadic web ninja.

Jason Shaw
Jason Shaw
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